The Old Woollen Mill

The Miller's House, The Old Mill

Ballymore Eustace, Co.Kildare

History of the Old Woollen Mills

Development of the Conservation Plan for the Old Woollen Mills at Ballymore Eustace is supported by the Heritage Council under the Heritage Management Grant Scheme 2014

We are trying to collect and collate as much information as we can about the history of the Old Woollen Mills at Ballymore.


With local help we have some information, including Deeds, Griffith Valuation, publish articles and anecdotal recollections.


A very good article was first published in the Leinster Leader 1906:


An even better and more recent article by Jack Burke here


The woollen mills of Ballymore Eustace were converted from a tuck mil by Mr. Christopher Drumgolleein the year 1802, and when in full swing employed 700 hands…. the mills were a source of employment for practically

everyone in the town.


Ballymore was then one of the most prosperous towns in Ireland, and the woollen mills were famous throughout Leinster. The site is one of the largest surviving complexes of industrial buildings for the production of wool products in Ireland that has not already been significantly developed and modified. It comprises 11 built structures, including the remains of the original tuck mill (est C17), mill race, wheel shaft, and grand dwelling.


The formulation of a Conservation Plan represents good heritage practice, enabling the conservation of the Mill’s built heritage and its future use in a way that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to understand, appreciate and benefit from it.


If you have any information or artifacts relating to the history of the Woollen Mills at Ballymore Eustace, please get in touch.


We are very eager to track down any traces of the place's heritage.

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