The Old Woollen Mill

The Miller's House, The Old Mill

Ballymore Eustace, Co.Kildare


The Factory is an industrial facility that has been allowed to fall into a dilapidated state for almost a century. It has never been maintained as a public amenity.


Foot path: while the Old Wollen Mill is private property, walkers that use the main foot path between The Priests House and Chapel Street should take extreme care. This footpath has uneven ground, fallen debris, muddy and slippery slopes and other hazards commonly found on rough ground.


Buildings: the building complex comprises tall structures with loose masonry, decaying wood with falling debris, steep drops, sluice races with fast moving water and a great deal of boggy ground. There are many and varied hazards.  Do not enter the vicinity of the buildings.


Work: Light work will need to be undertaken from time to time. Aside from the other hazards at the Factory, this will include use of machinery, felling of trees and other work that carries risk. As part of the safety management system at the Factory, this work will require safety measures such as fencing off some areas. Please observe these safety measures, such as warning signs and barriers.

Me at work in my studio

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